Saturday, January 31, 2009

the saturdays

it's saturday. saturdays for me are usually unpredictable. will it be a stay-at-home day which i love; a day of hurrying and scurrying, getting kid(s)* here and there, or will it be a combination of the two. like i said, saturdays are unpredictable for me.

*kid(s)--i have 2 amazing, intelligent, beautiful daughters. i love them dearly and have enjoyed watching them become the incredible young women they are today. the greatest gifts in my life are these 2 darlings. my oldest is away at school and my youngest is in high school.

oh, and i have 1 sweet, hard-working husband who deserves his own paragraph . ;)

anywho, this particular saturday promises to be well, unpredictable. i have no set plans other than grocery shopping and laundry. my older daughter and her boyfriend (xoxo) were supposed to come home from school for a visit this weekend but she is not feeling well and couldn't make the commute. poor thing! :( i hope you feel better soon . . . soon . . . soon my dear! my younger daughter has quite the social life which actually gives me a social life. well, that's if you consider driving 'here and there' a social life and i do alot of it, so by golly, i have quite the social life too. i really don't mind the driving as 1.) i'd much rather be the driver even though i have survived one child learning to drive 2.) i get to spend time with my wonderful teenager on the drives which i savor and very much enjoy and 3.) i enjoy the solitude when i'm alone in the car (after i drop her off/on the way to pick her up)--solitude that is usually spent thinking, praying, listening to some good music and not cooking, cleaning or on the internet. ;)

well, that's the scoop in my lil' corner of the world.

stay warm!

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