Monday, February 9, 2009

almost famous

besides being a great movie, i feel 'almost famous' this morning! why, you ask? because . . . i have one follower on my blog (thanks sis) and karen from bluebarnbulletin left my first ever comment!! thanks ladies . . . you made my day and it's only 9:00 am.

gotta run . . . off to 'school' . . . i'll post about that adventure one of these days.

have a great monday people . . . you deserve it! :)


Karen said...

I'm chuckling now.

But I understand the feeling. Having a follower/getting comments almost feels like "Wow, they really like me!", doesn't it?

Have a great day!

Moe Moe said...

reading your blog feels like "mini-stalking" but it's fun. also read your self description. what exactly is a home maker?

kathleen said...

moe moe . . . i used to feel like i was 'mini-stalking' too but i'm over it ;)-- i agree it is fun and i pick up a lot great ideas.

here's what wiki has to say about the 'homemaker':

Homemaker is a mainly American term which may refer either to:

-the person within a family who is primarily concerned with the management of the household, whether or not he or she works outside the home
-a person whose prime occupation is to care for their family and/or home

homemaker is the 'politically correct' term replacing housewife, domestic engineer and househusband as these references are supposively considered demeaning?

thanks for your comment!!!