Monday, February 23, 2009

and the winner is . . .

Slumdog Millionaire!

eight awards in all . . . awesome! And congrats to Kate Winslet for her role in the reader . . . her first-ever academy award too!!

you'd think with all this hype in my post that i had actually watched any of the movies nominated. or even watched the academy awards, for that matter. well, i would of watched the academy awards but i was at the cavs game which was awesome btw. (99-78 so sad for you detroit and delonte west's return to the court was fab--25 pts.) i did see wall-e at the drive-in and the dark knight on dvd. my kids saw slumdog millionaire and loved it. my older daughter and her beau planned to see all/most of the movies nominated so based on their reviews i am familiar with the movies. nonetheless, i do think it's all exciting even if it is hollywood.

any one want to see slumdog millionaire with me? i don't think i could handle the reader.

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