Monday, February 2, 2009

happy groundhog day

p phil (he raps in the off season--did u know that?) saw his shadow this morning . . . six more weeks of winter . . . like that's a surprise. honestly, i really don't mind winter . i know, i know but i just love, love a relentless, home-bounding, 'time to bake me some cookies' snowstorm. it's just sooo beautiful . . . the clean, pure, white, pristine snow. love it!

my house has lots of windows so we get 'lots' of sunshine reflecting off the snow into the house, so much so that somedays my transition lenses actually darken a wee bit indoors. naturally i don't like the cold but if i had to choose between a cold vs. hot climate, i'd go with cold. i am a fair-skinned, freckled irish lass (my baby sis has lots of freckles and she wears them really well) and the sun and i well, we tolerate one another.

on another note, the SUPERbowl! wow and wow!! i am not a football fan but i think i may have been converted last night. hallelujah! congrats to all you steeler fans. what a game! such skillz! and congrats to all you cardinal fans too . . . you made it to the superbowl and almost won it. confession time . . . whenever a team wins (i am thrilled of course if my team wins) but shortly thereafter, i start to feel badly for the 'not winners' unless it happens to be my daughter's volleyball team(s) or the cavs that WIN, and in case you haven't heard, the cavs are on i believe a 23 in a row at-home winning streak! i need to just get over that - - - the feeling sorry for the 'non-winners' thing. see, i can't even call them losers. i just want everybody to be happy. ;)

i'm hoping to watch groundhog day tonight with bill murray. well not with bill murray but maybe, i'm up for it. call me. anywho, that flick is a classic. bill murray is a classic. he makes acting look so easy. i grew up watching him on SNL. (saturday night live was what we called it 'back in the day') which he made a classic. 2 of my sibs and i have a thing for his movie stripes but that's another story . . . and that's a fact, Jack.

well, gotta get moving here. hope your day is great . . . just like u!


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