Saturday, March 7, 2009

early riser

are you an early riser? i kind of am. let me explain. i get up weekdays at 4:25 am to make my husband coffee. by 4:30 am i am back under the covers and off to dreamland once more. at 6:00 am i up again but only for 6-7 minutes to pack my husband's lunch. and then once again i am off to snoozeville until i have to officially wake for the day and that all depends on what plans/committments i/we have for the day. kind of nutty, i know.

today is saturday and i was certainly not an early riser this morning. i slept in so late that i'm embarassed to even tell you how late. i guess i needed the rest.

well, have a happy saturday and hope you're enjoying this springy weather.

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