Monday, April 20, 2009

it's raining . . .

. . . and it's suppose to continue to rain for the next three days. good for the grass and flowers . . . not so good for husbands working outdoors on vans.

yes, my van decided to take a little 'rest' the other day. it just quit while we were waiting for a light at a very busy intersection. fortunately, it was a few 100 feet back from the light so people could get around us. *side rant: to those who did not see my flashers in time and had to sit behind us until the traffic allowed you to go around, so sorry this annoyed you (not really) but at least your vehicle was running which was apparent as you zoomed by us glaring and beeping . . . oh, and to the elderly lady who pulled up next to my van and shrieked 'put your hood up' . . . thanks, that was so helpful and comforting. for a second there, i actually thought you stopped to see if we needed help. we did but not the kind you were offering. sheesh! *side rant over ;)

anyways, not long after i made a few phone calls (less than 10 minutes), a roadside worker whose van had BIG flashers pulled up behind us, diagnosed the problem (fuel pump), called the police who arrived in less than 10 minutes, who in turn called a tow truck, which arrived in less than 10 minutes and soon we were being towed to my moms who lives less than 10 minutes away.

i have learned, for the most part, not to let these things ruffle my feathers. i knew rescue would arrive soon, in some form or another. and it did. i realized that the situation could of been so much worse. we left the house that morning at 5:30 am for a volleyball tournament that was an hour and a half away and if the van would of died on the way to the tournament that would of been a big deal. or it could of conked out on the way home.

my husband has the week off and he is getting ready to head over to my mom's to spend his first day off fixing the van. my husband is a wiz with vehicles. most things actually. yesterday he spent the day fixing the tractor. he has kept that tractor running for many a summer. if i ever strike it rich, i plan to pay off our house, take care of all college tuitions and buy my hubby the best, most-obnoxious tractor/lawn mower money can buy.

and he deserves it. and so much more. thanks again dear. xoxo :)

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