Wednesday, May 6, 2009

do you twitter?

i do but not sure i quite get all the hype. maybe i'm missing something? it took me a while 'to get' blogging and here i am, 'yammering on', day after day. whatever.


Karen said...

I don't.

I've never seen the benefit. Of course, I've never much looked into it, either.

I'm severely limited by a dial up connection, so that plays into a lot of online decisions. Dial up helps limit my online time, at least, since I'm not patient enough to wait for things to load. (It's another reason I don't have a fancy blog with lots of extras, too.)

Maybe someday we'll have high speed available here...

kathleen said...

i have fairly quick internet service and it takes longer than most sites to load . . . probably all the traffic.

does seem kind of silly . . . i'm not sure what i'm doing half the time and i'm supposed to put into words and post it for the world read?! yeah . . . kinda silly.

i think i may have just talked myself into 'de-twittering'.