Tuesday, August 25, 2009

pup update

awww . . . what a cute little puppy. that is not our puppy . . . just a cute pic i got off the internet because i still have not learned how to put pictures on my blog. :D

anywho, the pup is finally back from the vet and $389 later, we learned that he has the start of arthritis in either his elbow or shoulder. (my husband took the call--i will call back today to clarify) the vet acted like he did not even understand why we brought the dog in. (cause he's been limping on and off for 2 months!!) naturally, the pooch wouldn't limp at the visit. he did manage to go to the bathroom and knock a display off the counter. :)

so, overall i guess this is good news but i feel like we spent a lot $ that we probably didn't need to spend. oh well. i'm glad it wasn't anything serious.

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