Friday, October 30, 2009


yes indeedy . . . we have a big weekend ahead of us here. tonight, my daughter travels with her volleyball team (18-2) to stay in a hotel because tomorrow . . . they play for the state championship! yayness! (and this year i think they're gonna pull it off!) our boys soccer team (17-0) is also playing for the state championship! it's been a good year for our *school.

and, my husband and i are going to travel tonight as well but we'll be staying with my daughter who is much closer to where we'll be playing for states. we get to visit with her and her fiance tonight (we're staying at her fiance's dad's house) which is much closer to where the girls & boys will be playing states in the morning.

*although we do homeschool for most of our classes, we attend classes on fridays and have a competitive sports program. we are able to compete with other christian schools and public schools . . . we r the only homeschool with a team in the league.

go hearts!!!

p.s. happy halloween too!!

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