Sunday, December 20, 2009

home alone

today has been a good day thus far.

got out of attending a christmas recital that my daughter was supposed to be in. long story. i will spare you but we were all relieved (all but the piano teacher, that is) to skip this. we would surely still be there as i type. mom, i tell ya about it on the phone.

went to christmas service at church. it was nice. and funny. and meaningful. glad we went.

then off to target to pick up a birthday present for my mother-in-law, grab lunch to go, then off to visit my mother-in-law and wish her a happy birthday. my mother-in-law is a sweet lady. it was a short visit because the '31 club' (named after the card game they play) were on there way.

now, my daughter & husband are off christmas shopping while i decorate the tree . . . all alone. yes, all alone and i am savoring every moment. doesn't happen often and i really wouldn't want it to but i am enjoying it.

so, i better run and make good use of my time.

hope your sunday is grand too.

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