Tuesday, November 30, 2010

i think i'm ready....

for a little snow. although, it will be my daughter's first winter driving. and my husband travels home every weekend from michigan. and my oldest daughter and her husband live almost 2 hrs. away and will be traveling to and fro as well. so, maybe i'm ready for snow on the days we do not need to drive. or a very light snow when we do need to drive. a girl can dream, right?


update 12/01 and a chuckle: please excuse my previous picture on this post. (i since changed the pic) i did not realize the lady in the painting was baring her chest...i thought they were her hands or her robe or something. i didn't really pay close attention...obviously. imagine my surprise this afternoon when my mom and i were looking at my blog together and we discovered 'them'. it sure was a good laugh!

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