Friday, November 26, 2010

more house pics


Karen said...

Ooh, you are going to have so much fun! I really like the kitchen cabs...and I'm not a painted wood person at all.

When do you plan to move?

kathleen said...

my husband has been in michigan since july because of work (the Ford foundry here closed) but he is able to come home every weekend, thank goodness/God.

i do not plan to move until some time next year. my daughter is a senior and the 2 of us are here til she graduates. the plan for now is for me to move to mi once she's settled in college. and that will be the hard part. it's hard enough when they leave for college but I have to trust that God is all under control. it's been a year of changes.
monroe is only 2 hrs. from here so i am grateful that i will still semi-close to family and friends.

Karen said...

Monroe? Cool! That's only a couple hours (or a little less) from me.

We'll be going there in a couple weeks for my girls' Bible quiz. It's our first time to quiz there so I'm looking forward to seeing Monroe better than just cruising through there on I-75.