Thursday, March 31, 2011

house showings

the house listing hit the internet on tuesday and we already had a showing last evening. i wasn't quite ready so i was running around like a nut all day. the showing was scheduled for 5-6 pm so i left the house with the dog at 4:50. i got a call at 5:50 that the realtor/client were running late and would not get there until 6. one car showed up a little after 6 and left 45 mins. later. i have no idea if it was just the realtor since it was just the 1 car. it was quite daunting for me as i had to drive around with the dog for 2 hours and he panted and barked almost the entire time. we have a showing tomorrow and i will need to send him to the kennel. it is a strange feeling to have people in your home knowing that it could be their home someday. but it is still our home....for now. :)

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