Thursday, April 21, 2011

awkward & awesome thursdays

check out the link above to see what i'm rambling about on thursdays :)


*having to use the bathroom at target and hoping no one else is in there...for both our sakes.

*going through the drive-thru with empty bags from that same drive-thru in your car and the drive-thru kiddo noticing.

*trying to return a jacket without the receipt only to learn it is now half price and exclaiming kinda loud 'i paid $30 for that last week'! and the cashier looking a little afraid. (gotta find that receipt!)


*finding some fab treasures while thrifting this week:
-hand-made teddy bear for $1
-cute sundress
-glass bottle for my collection
-flannel nick & nora pj' sexy...haha.
-cool gloves just like the a pair i wore out for a .25

*having family in for the holiday weekend and going to my mom's for dinner. oh, and ham gravy for robbie. ;)

*learning that both my daughters (katie & kenna) are going to the same university in the fall!!

*my husband is coming home tonight!

have a great day and may it be filled with more 'awesome' than 'awkward' although, awkward can be awesome at times.

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