Friday, April 15, 2011

today is...

three years since we lost my dad. he was an amazing man.

he loved unconditionally.

he was a hard worker, and an excellent provider.

he was intelligent, well-spoken and well-read.

he was funny, kind, compassionate and honest.

he was generous and respected.

he was a marine, a korean war veteran and a democrat.

he was handsome, entertaining, and a booster club president.

he was a plumber, a sports fan of his kids and grandkids and a sand-bagger at rummikub.

he was a volleyball player, an avid reader and a tv watcher.

he was a garage saler, a walker and a tea drinker.

he was irish, catholic and a gardener.

he was a church goer....just in case. :)

he was a son, a brother, a mentor and a friend.

he was a faithful husband, endearing grandfather and a wonderful father.

he made you feel special.

he was easy to love.

and he is dearly missed. ♥

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