Friday, April 24, 2009

seven pounds--revisited 4/25

i watched this flick last night with my daughter. i would describe it as a drama and a love story. it is a really good movie. can't say i loved it because it involves emotional pain and i'm not into emotional pain.

will smith, as always was fab-u-lous and not just because there were several shirtless scenes. after all, we've come to expect that in any will smith movie and he did not disappoint. ;)

have you seen it? what did you think?

edited 4/25:
still thinking about this film. another reason i liked and disliked it is the reminder that life is so unpredictable. life can change in an instant. changes that can redirect the very course of our lives. it's sobering to think about.

some of life's changes are a direct result of our actions and that brings me little comfort because it's futile to think that if i act appropriately in every situation that somehow it will prevent bad things from happening. i am only human after all and i do not believe that God expects perfection from us. thank goodness.

and then it seems that some changes are beyond our control. i believe that God knows and sees all and that leads me to wonder why crappy things happen. I'm not doubting God's goodness at all . . . He knows i'm thinking this so why hide it but i find myself tossing around the idea that if God knew something bad was going to happen why didn't He prevent it? I do NOT believe God uses tragedy or illness to 'teach' us lessons. God is our loving heavenly Father. no sane earthly father would ever use such means to teach and God as our perfect, loving parent would never employ such methods. I do believe that God can bring about good from the bad and that He does not waste our pain but it still leaves me wondering why.

i am aware that in our humanness we cannot fully comprehend life on planet earth. perhaps someday it will all make sense. or maybe it won't even matter. either way, i guess all i can do is to purpose to live each day as it comes knowing that God is listening and hopefully i'm listening back. i am not alone on this journey and i take comfort knowing that God always has my back. and yours too my friend.

ok then . . . back to your regularly scheduled programming of random blogging about mostly nothingness. ;)

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