Tuesday, June 9, 2009

adam lambert is gay?

who knew?

like, everyone.

well, except for maybe clay aiken . . . it takes him awhile to figure these things out. ;)

rolling stone magazine hits the newsstands tomorrow (wednesday) with an article about the beloved adam lambert who admits that he's gay. one can't really say that 'he's coming out of the closet' because quite frankly, he never was in one. whether you approve, disapprove or are indifferent to his lifestyle, you gotta admire that he did not try to hide who he is nor did he have an agenda other then to sing and perform when he graced the stage of american idol week after week.

and sing and perform he did. i believe he knew from the start that as a gay man he would most likely not be crowned the next american idol. but he's also a smart guy. he knew that the amercian idol platform would provide the break he needed and deserved. and he was right.

i wish him all the best.

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