Tuesday, June 9, 2009


i guess it's summertime. i've noticed the neighborhood kidlings have been set free from their early mornings, long bus rides and too much homework. hurray for them!

as a homeschooling family (with us anyways)there's never an official last day of school. one keeps doing school til one is done. u need to finish math & latin before you can move onto the next level, right? and u need to finish biology before taking on chemistry, right? that probably sounds like too much school but the reality is that we live such a rich, full lifestyle that we have the luxury of 'doing school' around our other scheduled events which explains why we're still doing school in june. (that and the fact that we are able to really enjoy the christmas holiday (month of december) with a much needed break.

i am however, ready for an offical last day of school and i know my daughter is too so i best get off this computer and ring that school bell and get this day and soon to be summer vacation started.

happy summer!

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