Friday, September 25, 2009

arby's roast beast sandwich

did you know that this little beauty has 320 calories and 21 grams of protein? i think that's a pretty good deal actually.

i do wish i would of only eaten one instead of 2 though for dinner last evening. i did, however, learn a few things.

1. 700 calories for dinner after a good day of sticking to my diet and walking is ok. eating 1 sandwich would of been better and that's what i'll aim for next time.

2. eating both sandwiches was the first time i overate since i started my diet (i started tuesday so don't be impressed) and i did not like how i felt--stuffed and sluggish.

3. i realized that my overeating has become a habit. i have been thinking through my food choices this week and it has been empowering.

4. i believe i can do this.

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