Thursday, December 17, 2009

oh, christmas tree . . .

finally . . . we have a tree! after several unsuccessful attempts to procure one, a beauty of a tree stands in my living room! all thanks to my husband for braving the cold, all by himself.

getting a tree 'round here is usually an adventure. we head out to a local tree farm, wander around the vast property of endless trees, searching for just the right tree (which takes, cut it down, drag it at least a half a mile back which involves taking turns and complaining. (the complaining is usually done my me!). ahhh . . . the joys of the season.

i am incredibly grateful to have a tree that is just perfect in size (not too big and kinda chubby) and one that i did not have to brave the elements for.

it is 'the best tree ever'. i know, i know, i say that every year but i mean it every year. especially this year. :)

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